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Tim Hortons Looking for Speed


Credit: IndyStar

Rockville Road Charity Event Finds Drive-Thru Help

Indianapolis, IN (Jan 20, 2018) –  As the final preparations come together for Monday’s charity event at the new Tim Hortons located at 8103 Rockville Road, organizers are putting the final touches on plans to increase speed through the drive thru.

Owners at Hoosier Horton Corp. have been frantically searching to find someone who lives in Indy, is from Canada, loves the brand and knows how to go fast, like 200 mph fast.

Fortunately a local recruiting firm has identified a candidate who meets this criteria.  The new drive thru ambassador will be showing up to work around noon on Monday to help with the scheduled charity event.

According to store owner Tom Collins, “we are being told this recruit loves Timbits and is an expert when it comes to speed.  We can’t wait to meet them and welcome them to the team.”

To find out more, stop by Monday’s charity event.

Tim Hortons Charity Day

8103 Rockville Road
Indianapolis, IN  46214

Glen Chapel Elementary                    11:00 AM to 3:00 PM