Newsstand » Hinch makes it out of the hospital…

Hinch makes it out of the hospital…


Hinch makes it out of the hospital with a little help from Will Power. And nobody can blame him for looking a little nervous on 4 wheels at the moment!

Glad to report the Mayor of Hinchtown is on the road to recovery as he heads out of Methodist Hospital and heads home for some rest.

Hinch is recovering from a crash that occurred during a practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500. In turn 3 the suspension failed, an inspection revealed a rocker arm broke. The Indycar hit the wall at a speed of over 228mph with an impact claimed to be in excess of 125g. He suffered injuries to his lower body. His recovery to date has everyone amazed. We hope all the best for the Mayor of Hinchtown and wish him a speedy recovery. We are also glad to see he hasn’t lost his sense of humour!

Conor Daly has been announced to pilot the #5 Arrow Electronics SPM IndyCar at the Dual in Detroit May 30th and 31st. Team owners Sam Schmidt and Ric Peterson set their sites on keeping the #5 Arrow IndyCar in contention and eagerly await James’ return.

A huge thank you goes out to the Holmatro Safety Team and the staff at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for their care and services. It truly has made a difference to the lives of the Hinchcliffe family and Hinchtown.