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Tips to help you choose the right size surfboard


When a surfer feels it’s time to get a new surfboard the most important thing to do is to pay attention to what size to buy. In fact, with surfboards size is a crucial point: a too long surfboard wouldn’t allow the surfer to stay in balance as well as a too small surfboard would be an obstacle to ride the waves the right way.

Most common mistakes

There are a few very common mistakes surfboarders who aren’t that much expert tend to do.

Once you understand what mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll be able to pick up the best surfboard size for you.

1. Normally, the very first surfboard comes always after a long and hard decision. Most surfboarders are literally dreaming to ride the same surfboard model as the most popular pros. However, a very thin and narrow surfboard might not be the ideal choice for you.

Of course, such a surfboard look very beautiful, but it won’t help you to ride the waves, unless you are a pro!    Right size surfboard

2. Another very common mistake most surfers tend to do is to ride a too small surfboard. A too small board won’t allow you to gain speed while paddling and this will translate into missing waves and struggling to get speed, while your goal should be to gain speed with the minimum effort.

Volume: that’s the secret

According to North Shore master Jon Pyzel, the secret to find out what size surfboard you need is to consider your body volume. Volume is the basic element to understand what board is perfect for you, basically if a board floats you, then it’s the right one.

Once you find out your volume number it would be easier, because all the other info like weight, height and width are secondary.

Riding waves is a constant challenge, it allows you to understand who you are and what limits you can overcome.

It’s just like making an investment. Don’t you believe? Well, it is, because before to make a financial investment you would get information about the methods and system and so on. That’s like viewing the conditions of the ocean before to ride the waves.

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