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Garage Remodeling Tips For Home Owners


As a fine home remodeling company in Chevy Chase, MD, our main goal is to design, build, and remodel unique homes worthy of awards and offering timeless livability to happy owners. And since garages are an important part of any home, here are a few useful tips on how to maintain, remodel, and give them a fresh look and enhanced usability.

What Kind Of Changes Can You Bring To Your Garage?

First of all, remodeling and addition projects count among the most popular projects to consider. If you are planning on using your garage to park your car, motorbike, scooter, or store equipment, you can consider an attached and detached garage; you can also go from a two-car brick garage to a simple one-car siding unit. There are home owners who decide to turn their garage into an entirely new room; all you need to do is add the right wiring, wall coverings, and insulation and your old car parking space will become a brand new play space, workshop, or private den. The Wentworth team has vast experience in building garages in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

General Garage Remodeling Tips

No matter what the new purpose of your garage is going to be, you will need to make sure you will maintain the same high degree of security for all of your items inside, be it a car, expensive equipments, or furniture for the new den.

  • Add blocking at top plate and do not wait until the last minute when you hefting a sheet of drywall overhead only to come to the conclusion the blocking is missing. The frame around the perimeter will need close inspection, and if you have zero experience with this, it is best to contract professional services and get the job done fast and easy.
  • Contract locksmith services and replace your worn-out garage locks with new ones; pick superior brands as you will be investing quite some money into your newly renovated garage, so you want to keep it protected against intruders and break-ins. While you are busy framing an opening for your attic access hatch, you can get in touch with a local locksmith and have them come over and rekey your old locks or install fresh ones of your liking and within your budget.
  • A simple search online should help you come across a great number of authorized lock technicians in the area where you live; and with high competition come small prices, so you needn’t worry about your garage remodeling budget being shredded by the new lock mechanism. Pick a residential locksmith that also handles garage door locks. If you don’t have a lot of spare time to do the search, pick a large locksmith company in your city. All professional locksmiths have the entire range of residential, commercial, and automotive services covered, garage lock services included.
  • They can relock your old locks if you already have a secure system installed, install a fresh lock or automated opening/closing system, and even a surveillance camera system covering the area in and around the garage for extra protection and peace of mind.