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Quality of life in New Jersey


If you are looking for a place which offers wonderful beaches and sunsets, scenic fun parks and high class entertainment, then you are looking for a trip to New Jersey!

For its world class quality of life, New Jersey is also called “home” by most Americans: this explains all the feeling and familiarity tourists can experience once they get to visit New Jersey.

As to quality of life, New Jersey has been mentioned as the third place on Earth for its high qualitative standards. That’s why this State is a jam of worthiness for the US.

Most common and successful jobs

When a national agency comes to mention a State for its quality levels of life, it means that the most common and popular jobs in that region are really effective and can create “richness” to that State.

Here’s a list of the 6 top jobs in New Jersey. These jobs contribute in a massive way to create the typical high level of quality of life in the whole State.

1. Forest and conservation workers

2. Building cleaning workers

3. Marriage and family therapists

4. Environmental science teachers, postsecondary

5. Septic tank services and sewer pipe cleaners

6. Locksmiths (residential, commercial, automotive specialized locksmiths)

What’s your job? I’m a Locksmith!

Probably, for those who live in New Jersey it’s not a big news, but locksmiths represent a huge percentage of workers. This is due to the large investments a few important companies made in the past decades.

This field involves the best educational tools and competency. In fact, all locksmiths must have a high competency in their field and an additional knowledge in a subfield: for example, an automotive locksmith can get a specialization for ignition reparation or a residential locksmith can specialize in replacing existing doors and so on.

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Professional tips and information

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