» Are You The Family Handyman? DIY Home Security Tips

Are You The Family Handyman? DIY Home Security Tips


Thieves and burglars are always looking for the easy way into your home, and it is your duty to make their job as hard as possible, not to say impossible. If you have motorbike or a trailer laying in your back yard or you would like to know how to keep your family and valuables better ore protected, here are a few tips on home security that are easy to put into practice.

How To Defeat Bolt Cutters

A thief only needs an angle grinder to cut through just about any lock. The thought is not at all reassuring, we know, but it’s not meant to be. On the contrary; it should give you the push to actually get thicker shackles for your locks and make sure they are the least exposed as possible. Choose a complex lock mechanism – master lock keyed padlocks and combo locks are some of the sturdiest

locksmith services

in the industry when it comes to offering protection against bolt cutters. If you are not sure how to pick the best padlock for your shed or garage, get in touch with a professional lock technician in your area as soon as possible.

Hire Professional Help When You Feel Overwhelmed!


Do a brief search online for local locksmith services in the city or town where you live or opt for a nationwide company that covers all states and area and can dispatch mobile teams to your location. Time is also very of the essence here, so the sooner they can reach your place, the better. The fellows at Lock4Less offer specialized residential, automotive, and commercial lock services ranging form lock repair, emergency lockouts offered on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, lock rekey, lock installations, security system installation/maintenance /repair/recommendations, ignition repair, transponder key programming and everything else a locksmith might be required to do. They also handle garage door repairs and other kinds of deadbolt or lock problems in and around the house. Get in touch with them and ask for advice in case you feel overwhelmed or you simply do not know how to choose the best brands for your locks or deadbolts.

Opt For All-Bearing Locksmithing Mechanisms

They are much sturdier and effective and hence harder to open by mal-intended people. In fact, numbers show they are 50% harder o pry open compared to padlocks made from hardened steel. You can also consider replacing your obsolete entry door lock with a newer lock system. a sturdier door will also allow you to enjoy a higher degree of safety and give you a greater peace of mind – browse our site and make your pick then get in touch with us.

Finally, keep in mind never to leave an unlocked extension ladder outside the house as it is an open invitation to thieves much interested in breaking an entry. Secure the ladder to the shed or garage using a special hook you can find in locksmith stores – opt for one that can support at least 50 lbs. and which also features one-way mounting screws for an extra degree of safety.