Newsstand » James Hinchcliffe aiming to take next step in IndyCar

James Hinchcliffe aiming to take next step in IndyCar


TORONTO — The first thing that you notice about James Hinchcliffe is his wardrobe.

It’s more — how do you put it — presentable. Gone is the lime green colour scheme of his former sponsor Instead, on a chilly Wednesday afternoon in the city, the IndyCar driver from Oakville, Ont., is sitting upstairs at Steam Whistle Brewing, wearing a subtle black golf shirt that bears an understated blue-and-white logo of his new sponsor, United Fiber & Data.

Has Hinchcliffe gone corporate? No way, he says.

While United Fiber & Data sounds like the kind of company Go Daddy would parody in its off-beat commercials (which used to star Hinchcliffe), it is actually a broadband networking company owned by members of Live, a 1990s alternative band.

“I’m basically sponsored by rock stars,” Hinchcliffe says proudly. “It makes the possibility of fun pretty endless. I think that was a big part of the appeal. They saw what Go Daddy did with me and they want to do that, too. They like the fact that I’m not a stuck-in-the-corporate-box type of driver, because they’re very much not that way.”

It’s still not Go Daddy, a multi-media sponsor that helped market Danica Patrick and also made Hinchcliffe a sort of a celebrity by plastering his face on billboards. That much was apparent when Hinchcliffe arrived to the track one day to get a look at his new car.


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