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The Carmel Market is the largest food and vegetable market in Tel Aviv. Locals and tourists altogether are more than welcome to get their fresh groceries and enjoy the specialties here while getting better acquainted with the culinary culture of the place. Walk on any side of the passage and you will immediately spot the joyful vendors shouting or displaying their offers, while busy catering to their customers. Expect to discover a friendly, cozy, welcoming atmosphere while surrounded by thousands of different flavors in the airs and colors on the tables all around you. As a tourist, keep in mind the prices here are much lower than anywhere else. Here are a few of the best places you shouldn’t miss.   

Best Bakeries And Restaurants

If you’ll enter the market from Allenby Street and pass by the fresh food area, do not miss out the Bourekas Stand, considered to be the best Borekas place in Tel Aviv. It is a small Turkish booth on the right of the market, as you enter it. It is a salty pastry where you will find tasty puff pastry, filled with cheese, spinach, or potatoes, for every taste. The pastry is fresh from the oven and it is served with pickles that are homemade by the owners, accompanied by hard-boiled eggs, spicy tomato sauces and fresh tomatoes. If you are an American tourist and you are already thinking that you need a locksmith for when you get back home, check out the 247locksmithservice site and get a head start. We also recommend not missing out the Lechamim bakery constantly displaying a rich variety of fresh breads, along with delicious pastries and cakes. If you are a big fan of cheese, you should also write down the Davka Gourmet cheese stand. You will find an impressive selection of both local and international cheeses; feta and mozzarella count among their specialties.