Newsstand » 2013 GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma Race Report

2013 GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma Race Report


Leading four laps, making a total of 264 laps led this season, Hinchcliffe battled back from P20 early on in the race to come away with his eighth top-10 finish this year in eighth place. The Indianapolis resident is currently ninth in the championship points fight. “Crazy race – we had a disastrous first stint,” said The Mayor. “The original start was alright, but on the restart we got shuffled back, and I accidentally hit the pit lane speed limiter coming off of (Turn) 7 and was losing all sorts of spots. On top of that, the car was tough to drive. So, we went off strategy there and the yellows fell just right; it looked like it was going to come into our hands a bit, and on that last stint, we were on reds when a bunch of guys were on blacks. Unfortunately, those cautions at the end when everybody had to come in and top off gave some guys fresher tires… we had the oldest tires of the groups, and each of those restarts we just feel back a couple spots. It’s too bad because we recovered great. The GoDaddy guys called an awesome race as always, and to rebound into the top five from where we were in the first stint is testament to what these guys do every week. Pretty interesting driving out there, but that’s what you get in a competitive series. We’ll take the finish and move on to the next one.”

Well Mayor, all we can say is this was the best save all year!