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Helmet Contest Update


Hi all, just wanted to give a quick update on the helmet contest. Round 1 is over, but we have NOT yet announced the winner YET. My apologies, we will be before the Indy 500, time has been going so quickly around here. (okay, bad joke)

If you are not familiar with the Hinch Helmet Contest yet, let’s get up to speed.

There are some talented artists out there in Hinchtown, I know because I have seen the signs! So I thought, let’s see what these guys can do with a helmet!

There are 6 Rounds, which means 6 chances, to have your helmet design chosen for the final vote. I will pick the winner from each round, so there will be 6 semi-finalists. The 6 semi-finalists will then go to a live vote online! Yep, you heard me – you get to vote on which helmet I will wear!

And to make sure you can show your friends what you have submitted, all qualified entries will be posted in the Gallery which can also be accessed from the Hinch Mobile App!

The winning helmet design will be worn at the final race of the season in Fontana AND the winner will receive a replica helmet with their design on it and personally autographed.

So what are you waiting for….if you haven’t already submitted your design go back to the homepage and click on the billboard link or CLICK HERE to download your template and get started!