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A mayor of the Net


Do you ever get tired of living in a town that just isn't you, that doesn't fulfill you that you find boring? Well, then you can try out living in Hinchtown!

Hinchtown is an online community consisting of fans of Mr James Hinchcliffe himself! He is a competitive car racer, a self-proclaimed mayor, and, not to forget, a strikingly good looking twenty-eight-year-old Canadian man!

He lives the life that many speed-craving folks just dream of. He drives the #77 IndyCar and entries for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. He's definitely got the need for speed.

He is a proud Canadian and wears his toque with love. As a fun-lover, he holds many events; his latest party was held in Toronto.

Despite his fast and furious life style, he is just a down-to-earth kind of a guy, he loves his collection of lighters, his guitar, his idol's steering wheel, his kettlebells, and the list wouldn't be perfect without mentioning his onesie pajamas in which he spends his Sundays in – nothing better than that.

This website offers any fan to check up on the track updates, to see some of the behind the scenes action, to see the upcoming events and contains plenty of pictures to gape at.

If you want to become a co-citizen of this Canadian racer’s town, just check: .

The racer will need all the support he can get as he got into a terrible car accident. It took several procedures and a plethora of resting time, for him to recover a bit, but he remains positive and says his wish is to get back in the car as soon as possible.

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