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Custer County Fire Safety Tips


Custer County Fire Department is open to the public every Monday starting 6PM at the fire hall, for the regular weekly training session. You are encouraged to visit the hall and get in touch with the firefighters in case you have any related questions or concerns related to the fire hazards and fire safety around your home or public areas. If you need a Fire Burn Permit, you can find it at the fire hall and you can pick them up in person. Below you will find a series of useful fire

Fire Prevention Tips

  • In case a fire starts inside your home, you only have 2 minutes to escape. You need find the nearest exist, get out of the house, and stay out, then call for help
  • The identification and removal of all fire hazards inside the house is the best precaution measure for home owners to take.
  • 6 out of 10 house fire deaths happen inside residences with no working smoke alarm systems. It is best to have smoke alarm sensors installed on every house level, including the bedrooms. Maintain the fire alarm systems in good shape by assessing their state monthly. Change batteries whenever necessary.
  • Keep duplicate keys of the doors around the house and make sure you remember where you are storing them so in case of a fire – when door locks tend to get stuck or keys get lost. You will get to rapidly grab a spare key and unlock the door of the rooms you need to get into, be it the children’s bedroom or any other room of the house where someone might have gotten stuck in.
  • Local fire departments are also known to closely work together with authorized locksmiths who can help them immediately unlock front door locks and push their way into a house caught on fire in case the residents are surrounded by tall flames and cannot get out safely and on their own.
  • It is recommended to keep the emergency number of a local, nearby locksmiths in your agenda or someplace within easy reach so in case disaster strikes, you can be ready on all fronts. You can do a fast locksmith near me at search on your favorite browser and memorize the contact number of this national locksmith company working 24/7. While they specialize in the entire palette of residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services, they are well-trained, experienced, and permanently improving their skills so they are prepared to handle all types of locks and emergency situations, no matter how complicated or urgent.
  • So besides the fire escape plan any home should possess in a safe place and which should be practiced at least a couple of times a year, it is also advisable to have an emergency number agenda with numbers from the local fire department, an emergency locksmith with 24/7 availability, the nearest hospital and numbers for your closest friends and most reliable relatives.
  • Never leave your pans or pots on the stove or in the oven when not supervised by an adult and avoid storing inflammable substances inside the kitchen area.